Glassmaking tradition in Hungary

Glassmaking tradition in Hungary

Glass has been part of everyday life for thousands of years as confirmed by countless archaeological finds. The material, which has diverse and rich technical varieties, has developed over time in accordance with the tastes and needs of the ages.

Hungarian glassmakers, who still practise and pass on the craft up to this day, are embedded in this ancient tradition. Glassmaking in Hungary is rooted in the German and Venetian type of glass blowing, which is based on the production of blowing hot molten glass into shape. The final form of the glass object is obtained through many work processes, and, for example cutting, leading, and painting requires specific expertise.

Under the influence of the Arts and Crafts movement and Art Nouveau at the turn of the 19th-20th centuries, glass received much attention in the areas of architecture and applied arts. Nowadays, the professional knowledge of the craft is transmitted by glass makers – be they artists, designers, restorers, cutters or glassblowers – in schools and art university as well as in workshops and art camps.

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