Whitsun Heritage Festival will be held again in the Skanzen in 2018

Whitsun Heritage Festival will be held again in the Skanzen in 2018

2018. április 19. | whitsun, skanzen, ICH

On 20 – 21th, May Whitsun Heritage Festival, the international gathering of intangible cultural heritage will be organised in the Hungarian Open Air Museum. During the two days Festival 300 tradition keepers of 30 communities will be introduced and also 300 children dancers will be welcomed in the Museum. Throught this program you can get insight to the diverse traditions of the communities.

During the cavalcade of the communities the visitors can taste traditional dishes, get to know the secrets of crafts, learn dances of Sárköz and Nagyecsed, they can enjoy the bagpipe music and the beautiful costumes. Moreover, the visitors get acquianted with the special traditions of the Quarters’ masters from Eger, the students from Selmec, whose traditions of Mining and Forestry Academy are still alive, and with the technique of Miller’s Wafer making. In this two days the Hungarian Open Air Museum will be full of living traditions, arts and crafts, music, children who revive Whitsun traditions and pleasanty of the visitors. In this year bagpiper musicians will be welcommed from V4 countries, to discover and keeping our common traditions. We look forward to welcoming you!

The event is under the UNESCO patronage and is part of the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage.

Hungarian National Commission for UNESCO
World Heritage
Elemér Muharay Folk Art Assosiation
Assosiation of Hungarian Folk Artists
Institute of Ethnology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Kriza János Ethnographic Society
Hungarian Ethnographic Society
Museum of Ethnography
Hungarian Heritage House
National Cultural Institute