Bagpipe Tradition in Hungary

Bagpipe Tradition in Hungary

The bagpipe is an instrument known, kept alive and used by many communities nowadays. The main users are primarily the bagpipers and the communities of musicians.

These are mostly communities developed around the first generation bagpipers. The use of the instrument extends mainly to the traditional and revival events. In addition to these events the dance events have a great importance; bagpipe is an essential accompaniment of the dances of the Palóc (inhabitants of Northeast Hungary) and the Great Hungarian Plain. The instrument recently appeared in the Moldavian dance house as well. Folk dances of the Serbians and Croatians were mostly accompanied with bagpipe, so the South Slavic dance houses in Budapest and Pécs they also play bagpipe music. The feasts of the year, especially Christmas, carnival season and midsummerday are also significant beside the dance events.

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