The Kassai method of horseback archery

The Kassai method of horseback archery (2012)

Kassai’s method of equestrian archery provides a transmission of knowledge, experience and way of life that brings modern day people closer to nature and facilitates the development of inner balance and harmony. It incorporates the revival and safeguarding of the ancient art of mounted archery as well as competitive and recreational aspects.

Lajos Kassai developed the comprehensive method and way of life through decades of experimentation, research and training. At its core the method revolves around a joint training of horse and rider, making traditional types of crossbows using modern materials, and putting the skills of horse and rider to the test in competitions independent of time and space. The method involves imparting knowledge of historic Hungarian battle tactics and martial arts of the 9th-10th centuries. A love of history and nature is nurtured by learning about horse breeding and training, and about preparing and use of traditional mounted archery equipment.

The method is based on research of the historic mounted archery traditions and transplants this knowledge into modern application. Apart from transmitting the necessary technical skills and experience, the method also emphasizes the safeguarding of traditional heritage, re-establishing a balance between man and nature, and a shaping of awareness and inner consciousness.

The over 200 hundred followers of the method are members of associations known as khanates and tribes which participate in its transmission and dissemination. Today Lajos Kassai teaches his method in 16 countries around the world. Community-building and cohesion have become an important aspect of Kassai horseback archery. Members regularly organize camps, demonstration sessions and competitions, perform at national ceremonies, and represent Hungary at international events and competitions.

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