Celebration of the ’Grapevine Bud Break’

Celebration of the ’Grapevine Bud Break’(2013)

The ’Grapevine Bud Break’ from Kőszeg, which is a rite of the grape shoots’ perpetuation process, presumably was developed from medieval legal customs and is still a living tradition of the aforesaid small border town at western Hungary.

Based on written documents it can be said that the presentation of the grape shoots at the renewal ceremony of the city rulers and the ’mountain masters’ was practiced at least at the 16th century. According to the ’Book of the Grapevine Bud Break’, which contains records from the year 1740; during the election of the posts the sprouts were registered with fancy and spectacular drawings. Initially the latter process had a predictive/weather forecasting function.

Nowadays not just the local wine producers but the entire population of the town feels real ownership toward the denotation of the ’Grapevine Bud Break’ at Saint George’s day and the presenting of it to the current mayor in front of the town hall as well as the tradition of the public recording in the above-mentioned book. The community-relation creating effect of the centuries old tradition has also a significant impact on the town’s surroundings.

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