Hungarian Blue dyers in Paris

Hungarian Blue dyers in Paris

2019. november 20. | UNESCO, exhibition, blue dying, Paris

An exhibition titled “Walking the Indigo Walk” was opened in Paris on 18th November at the fence of the UNESCO headquarters. As part of it, the works of three Hungarian blue dyers were displayed in the capital of France.

The exhibition took place in the framework of the 40th UNESCO General Assembly between 18 and 21 November. Works by textile craftsmen, artists and designers from 18 countries have appeared on 34 pageant.

This exceptional initiative raised awareness of the work and values of UNESCO and the importance of preserving intangible cultural heritage, as well as highlighting the social, cultural and economic role of the craft tradition.

Besides Hungary, Austria, Bangladesh, Colombia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, India, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Nigeria, Romania, Russia, Slovakia were represented at the exhibition.

Hungary was represented by three blue dyeing workshops: Ildikó Tóth and Zsolt Gerencsér from Győr, Mária Kovács from the workshop of Szentendre-Tiszakécske, and János Sárdi from Nagynyárád. It was a great honor for them to have the opportunity to present their crafts at the UNESCO headquarters, hereby introducing the tradition of blue dyeing to members of the General Assembly from all over the world and to the citizens of Paris.

The official opening ceremony was organized jointly by the Permanent Representation of Hungary to UNESCO and the Permanent Representation of Austria at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris. The exhibition was opened by Péter Fülöp, Deputy State Secretary for Art, Public Education and Public Collections from the Ministry of Human Capacities and Jürgen Meindl, Austrian Deputy Minister for Culture.

Considering the great success of the exhibition, it is expected to continue its wanderings, proclaiming the importance of the craft tradition in other countries and continents.

Hungarian National Commission for UNESCO
Elemér Muharay Folk Art Assosiation
Assosiation of Hungarian Folk Artists
Institute of Ethnology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Kriza János Ethnographic Society
Hungarian Ethnographic Society
Museum of Ethnography
Hungarian Heritage House
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