Whitsun Heritage Festival

Whitsun Heritage Festival
Open Air Museum, May 24-25 2015

May 24, 2015 | Whitsun, Heritage Festival, skanzen, programs

For several years now the Whitsun Heritage Festival has been organised in the Open Air Museum (earlier: Whitsun Festival), its main aim to make popular the traditional culture, to help the today’s people to admit it and to assure the possibility of introduction on nation wide level.

In 2015 was the fifth occasion was dedicated to the Intangible Cultural Heritage. The Festival is the meeting of the intangible cultural heritage bearer communities of the Hungarian and foreign countries, its aim is to exchange of experiences among the communities and to introduce the heritage for the public.

Beside the representatives of the elements of the National Inventory, participants from abroad also took apart on the event. Our guests from Macedonia presented a social dance from the village of Dramche, Pijanec which were inscribed to the Representative List of UNESCO in 2014. At their place they also presented cultural objects and folk art: the craftsmen keeping occupied the visitors, they showed the making of musical instruments and exhibited Macedonian national custom and handwoven in front of their place of issue. Macedonian musicians also played music and brightened up at the house.

This year UNESCO celebrate its 70th anniversary, beside our Whitsun Heritage Festival was under the patronage of Unesco it was allowed to use the gala logo of the Convention. In commemmoration of the anniversary, Márta Sebestyén Artist for Peace had a gala performance. Her appearance was accompanied by Judit Andrejszki, artist of harpsichord, by Béla Szerényi and Béla Szerényi Jr. hurdy-gurdy players. In honour of the UNESCO the artist had an international concert, which connects different nations, folk music of Tápé and choral of Bach was also heard.

During the two days more than 200 children dancers were dancing and refreshed the whitsun customs like the queen-walking, whitsun-playing and the boy’s plays demand skill.

Organiser of the children dance groups was the Heritage Children Folkart Union.

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